Film Slam Lineup for March 20th
(released 3/14/2011)

The Film Slam is Sunday, March 20th at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  It starts at the usual 1pm time slot, but new host Tim Anderson will sit this one out.  John Theisen will make his way out of Film Slam retirement and take over for one show only.

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Here are the short films in contention for a screening at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase at the end of year:

#1 -- Strings (2011)
Directed by: David Popovitch/Kyle McQueen, Written by: Tara Van Cuyck/David Popovitch, Produced By: David Popovitch/Kyle McQueen
Length: 2:06 min  - Winter Park, FL

Description: What if you're not in control of your own actions?  What if you're a puppet for someone?  What if that someone wanted you dead?

#2 -- The Balance (2011)
Directed by: Trent Duncan, Written by: Trent Duncan/David Starks Produced By: David Starks
Length: 18:00 min  - Casselberry, FL

Description: Edward is your average BRG Corp employee until he stumbles upon the deadly side effects of Isyvir, the company’s miracle cure for  autism. Now, with an assassin and corporate figureheads after him, he must protect his wife from the truth as he tries to expose the corrupt corporation.

#3 -- That's What It's All About (2011)
Directed by: Gabriel Kipling Tyner, Written by: Gabriel Kipling Tyner, Produced by: Christopher Ramsey/Wanda Gates
Length: 3:23 min - Sanford, FL

Description:  Follow playwright, poet, and performer Storyteller Country Joe as he takes us behind the scenes with a peak at how he gets ready to perform his one man shows.

#4 -- Crackers (2011)
Directed by: Liam Malone, Written by: Liam Malone/Samantha Serrano  Produced By: Samantha Serrano
Length: 4:06 min - Casselberry, FL

Description: Sometimes those little cracker treats are too hard to resist.  Maybe next time Liam will head Sam's warnings and keeps his hands off her food.

#5 -- Vestiges (2010)
Written & Directed by: Alex Sushil Produced By: Kristen Baker
Length: 10:00 min - Orlando, FL

Description: Calvin Fields has an appointment.

#6 -- Neptune's Playground (2010)
Directed by: Adam Johns, Written by: Adam Johns/Adam "Smitty" Smith, Produced By: Adam "Smitty" Smith
Length: 6:29 min - Winter Park, FL

Description: Formerly known as "skin diving", freediving the art of sing breath hold underwater diving.   Neptune's Playground reveals the challengers and myths associated with freediving.

#7 -- Situation 420 (2011)
Directed by: Jason Sutton, Written by: Jason Sutton/Johnny Perez, Produced By: Jason Sutton/Johnny Perez
Length: 16:38 min - Winter Park, FL

Description:  Two desperate stoners, a house full of weed, and a fool proof plan. What could go wrong?

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