Entertainment Industry Tax Credit Bill Introduced
(released 1/26/2023)

On January 18, 2023, House Bill 251: Entertainment Industry Tax Credit Program was filed in the Florida Senate. It is listed as - General Bill by Trabulsy with (CO-INTRODUCERS) Caruso: Chaney; Garcia; Killebrew; Plasencia; Rudeman; Salzman; Smith.

"Entertainment Industry Tax Credit Program; Creates Florida First Production Partnership Program within DEO; provides tax credit award for entertainment industry projects; provides eligibility & application requirements; provides for liability & penalties on applicant that submits fraudulent information; authorizes transfer of tax credits; authorizes certified project to relinquish tax credits to DOR in exchange for certain payments; provides for expiration of program on specified date."

You can read the full 33 page PDF text of HB251 and track the bill as it progresses by going to the Florida Senate's website page for the bill here: www.flsenate.gov

As is, the bill is similar to the last actual tax incentive that passed the Florida legislature in 2010. This bill is written to give a 15% tax incentive with extras if certain criteria are met such as being a family-friendly film, which would gain another 5%. That bill in 2010 that actually became law under Charlie Crist was set for a 5 year period.  It was not renewed in 2016 with Rick Scott and although numerous bills have been written every year since, none have passed. Prior to 2010, another film incentive was passed under the Jeb Bush governorship.

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