Enzian Film Slam #3 is This Sunday
(released 3/4/2009)

The third Film Slam of 2009 will take place on the usual 2nd Sunday of the month.  March 8th in this case.  The screenings begin at 1pm at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.

Each short film gets audience votes and the film with the most points wins.  The winner goes on to the Grand Slam, which is part of the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in December.  Details on how to get your short film entered into the monthly competition can be found at http://www.enzian.org/films/filmslam.html.

Below are the 8 shorts to be screened.

#1 - Perils of College (2009)  / 3 Min 55 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Eric Thompson
Vero Beach, FL - www.760studios.com

Description: Four brave students use their collegiate brain power to overcome an imminent robot attack.

#2 - The Sexecutive (2008)  / 10 Min 53 Sec 
Written/Directed by: James Whitaker, Produced by: Kelly Bahr
Lady Lake, FL - jeighsyn@gmail.com

Description: Jerry is an award winning executive, using tricks and schemes to win his clients over. After a tiring day in the office he meets the Sexecutive...will he be beaten by his own game?

#3 - Bedhead (2009)  / 3 Min 57 Sec  *Music Video
Written/Directed/Produced by: David Bermejo
Orlando, FL - www.DavidBermejo.com

Description: A music video for the song "Bedhead" by local artist, Sterling Schroeder


#4 - Midnight Cycle (2009)  / 12 Min
Directed/Produced by: Alex Wolfe
Orlando, FL - al.wolfe@gmail.com

Description: A short documentary about the experience of pedicabbing
on cold nights in downtown Orlando, Florida.


#5 - The War Comes Home (2008)  / 2 Min 30 Sec
Written/Directed by: Bob Jones, Produced by: James Coyne
Longwood, FL - DodgeUniversity@aol.com

Description: a film that reflects the personal tragedies of war.


#6 - The Good Guys (2008)  / 12 Min
Written/Directed by: Bryan Boykins, Produced by: James Cullanina
Orlando, FL - www.myspace.com/bryanboykins

Description: This controversial piece demonstrates a new look at the color barrier in America -- at a pivotal part in our history.


#7 - Just Words (2009)  / 4 Min 23 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Banks Helfrich
Orlando, FL - www.whoisbankshelfrich.com

Description: In 2000, Frank and Erik set out to create single-panel cartoons.  Neither knew how to draw.


#8 - Two in the Bush (2009)  / 10 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ali Imran Zaidi
Orlando, FL - www.theseventhlevel.net

Description: A young man navigates the gray in the space between two cultures.


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