The Nook Screening The Room This Saturday
(released 7/7/2021)

The NOOK on Robinson is having a Movie night July 10. THE ROOM is on the screen this Saturday night at 8pm.

The following is from the NOOK Facebook event page:

"Saturday, July 10th at 8pm we are going full Movie Trash with Tommy Wiseau's modern cult classic, THE ROOM.

Sure its plot is borderline incoherent, the acting gives a new meaning to showboating, the writing preposterously convoluted, and the sex scenes so perplexingly unsexy that it will make you wonder if you even know what sex is... but this garbage fire is made with so much heart and ambition that you will barely even notice those other things.

Ok, that isn't true... but you will definitely have a damn good time.  This movie is many, many things, but boring is not one of them.

So grab a drink and laugh along with the beautiful failure of a movie.

This is a free event but we will gladly take donations!"

The NOOK is located at 2432 E. Robinson Street, Orlando. 

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