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Terms and Conditions for Support Donations

Green Room Orlando ("GRO") would like to provide an opportunity for's supporters to make a financial contribution to GRO and help in its mission to provide news coverage of the Central Florida film industry along with cast and crew calls.

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between GRO and each donor. Donations will only be accepted in the form of one-off payment made directly to GRO as described herein.


By making a donation, a donor agrees and acknowledges that:

1.1 the donation is provided to GRO as an irrevocable gift, subject to any exercise of GRO's right to return any donation at its discretion;

1.2 the donation may be used by GRO for any purposes and/or to support its operations in any areas of its business such as Editorial; and


2.1 Donations will be accepted from individuals as well as any other legal entities (such as companies).

2.2 Donors who are individuals must be 18 years of age or over.

2.3 The maximum donation from any one donor is $2000.


3.1 All donations to GRO shall be made through the donations page on Donations will be accepted by GRO for the period during which the donations page is live on the GRO website.

3.2 From the moment the donation is processed, GRO will be legally and beneficially entitled to the full amount of the donation and the donor has no entitlement to the return of a donation.

3.3 The donor shall receive no benefit in return for any donation and shall have no rights to influence the editorial policy or output of GRO.

3.4 GRO is a for-profit business and donations will be used to support its operations and not dedicated for any charitable purpose. Donations to GRO are not charitable donations under the laws of the United States and donors shall not be entitled to any charitable contribution deduction.


4.1 GRO reserves the right to refuse and return any donation in its absolute discretion having regard to the source of the donation or intentions of the donor.

4.2 Donors shall be entitled to receive a refund of their donation for up to 7 days after receipt of payment by notifying GRO by email at Any requests for a refund of a donation received by GRO following the expiry of the 7 day period will be ineligible.

4.3 Any refused and/or returned donations shall be repaid into the account from which the donation was made.


5.1 GRO reserves the right to:
5.1.1 request the full name and contact details of the donor;
5.1.2 request from the donor any other information that it considers to be necessary or desirable to determine the origin of the donation;
5.1.3 publicly disclose the identity of the donor and the amount of the donation.

5.2 If the donor refuses to provide any information requested by GRO under clause 5.1, GRO may refuse and return the donation to the donor at its discretion.


Donors shall not be entitled to publicise their donation or otherwise market themselves or any connected person or business in connection with their donation except with the prior written consent of GRO.


Neither GRO nor any affiliated person shall be liable for any loss suffered by any donor or other person arising out of or in connection with a donation including loss of revenue, loss of profits, or loss of business.

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