Film Slam #3 Winner Is Foobie Jesus
(released 3/12/2007)

The third installment of the Film Slam is over. It was held on Sunday, March 11 at the Enzian Theater in Maitland. For those that haven't experienced it, it is always on the 2nd Sunday of every month leading up to a Grand Slam in December. It is a contest and the winner from each monthly Slam is entered into the Grand Slam. The winner of that is automatically entered into the Florida Film Festival.

One of this week's entries was by Elizabeth Anne. She mentioned in the Q & A afterwards that she is currently in pre-production of a music video. Of particular interest, the budget for this music video is over double that of her previous.

Here was the lineup of films on March 11th:

Little Pink Medicine (2007) - Written/Produced/Directed by Carol Chiodini, Produced by David Guertin - 4 min - What did you used to call your ex? You know, that little pet name? It can come back to you when you least expect it.

WPRK 'Local Heroes' Sol.iLLaquists Of Sound (2006) - Directed by Elizabeth Anne, Written by A. Brooks / A. Sarton / G. Valencia Jr. / T. Combs, Produced by Solilla LLC / FunkyButtMonkeeMusic, INC - 8 min - Live performance by The Sol.iLLaquists of Sound for "Local Heroes" on 91.5 WPRK.

Veggnettes: Try Again, Everybody _ _ _ _ _ Now, Brunelleschi's Revenge (2005) - Written/Produced/Directed by Quyen Le, Produced by Erik Peterson - 5 min - Three short stories about eggs.

Foobie Jesus (2006) - Written/Produced/Directed by Katharine Leis - 7 min - Set in Central Florida, Foobie Jesus is a film about a woman who believes she's receiving signs from above that her cat may be of a divine nature. Fearful of what others may think, she decides to keep this to herself.

The Great Paranoiac (2005) - Written/Directed by Paulina Oldmen Kam, Produced by Tom Porter - 6 min 20 sec - Rob Huneycutt is a serious chain smoker obsessed by the life and art of Salvador Dali. Watch him as he goes through a normal day. Watch him realize he must quit - cold turkey - on the account of the immediate return of his disapproving girlfriend on her way back from a visit to Dali's Spain. Watch his descent into madness as the world around him proves to be absolutely insane.

Southwestern Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers (2005) - Written/Directed by James Dastoli & Robert Dastoli, Produced by Jordyn Roberts - 17 min - Warning! Take Cover! Flying saucers have invaded Southwestern Orange County Florida. The only hope to save the vacation destination capital of the world lies in a recently fired yet scientifically inclined theme park employee. It's the flex ticket to terror!

And the winner of the Film Slam #3 is Foobie Jesus by Katharine Leis. Second place was Southwestern Orange County vs. The Flying Saucers and third place was Little Pink Medicine.

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The next Film Slam is April 8th.

To check out photos from Film Slam #3, go to the Photo Seen.

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