Florida Filmmakers - ON THE LOT
(released 2/21/2007)

The producer behind shows such as Survivor and The Apprentice, Mark Burnett, is teaming up with Steven Spielberg to give 16 indie filmmakers the chance at a $1 million development deal with Dreamworks. The deadline to submit films has already passed and now the indie hopefuls need people to go out and view the films and vote on them. All the films are under 5 minutes. Here is a list of some of the filmmakers from Florida. If have a film submitted in the contest, please send us an email to info@greenroomorlando.com with your name, the name of movie/trailer and a link to your film. We will add it to this list.

http://films.thelot.com/films/25290 - Protesting Megan by Toy Spears
http://films.thelot.com/films/17467 - Disclosure by Willie Harper
http://films.thelot.com/films/23605 - Misled by Niel J. Guilarte
http://films.thelot.com/films/12021 - Angora by Gustavo Perez
http://films.thelot.com/films/1802 - Painting Music by Kibbee Gary by Dave Conley
http://films.thelot.com/films/29533 - LOL:) by Ricardo Porven
http://films.thelot.com/films/11195 - BEST by Mike Rembis
http://films.thelot.com/films/10429 - Spielberg Wannabe by Robert Alon
http://films.thelot.com/films/674 - Mirage A Trois by Steve Devlin
http://films.thelot.com/films/13847 - One Reflects by Roberto Rosaly
http://films.thelot.com/films/2788 - Reunion by Joe Sanchez
http://films.thelot.com/films/27427 - Wild Thing by Lizette Gagne
http://films.thelot.com/films/7130 - Meet Pino by Ben Rosa
http://films.thelot.com/films/10780 - Mr. Bubbs by Todd Thompson
http://films.thelot.com/films/9312 - Homesick by Adam Arnali
http://films.thelot.com/films/13350 - The Split by Lou Pappas & Reed Kalisher
http://films.thelot.com/films/10270 - The Thing Under My Bed by Robert Massetti

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