Two Major Features To Film in Jville
(released 2/12/2007)

The JEDC Film & Television Office announced that Jacksonville is the filming location for two major upcoming feature films: Eliot Rockett and Glad All Over.   The production company, RING Productions, LLC, is currently in preproduction and is expected to begin filming Eliot Rockett in mid-March and Glad All Over in April throughout the Jacksonville area.

More than 70 Jacksonville industry professionals will be hired in addition to local extras for both films. The local economic impact is estimated to be more than $2.5 million. Supporting businesses to the films are projected to have an additional $3.2 million indirect impact.

"I am extremely pleased to see a local Jacksonville business invest, produce and help promote films utilizing our beautiful city and dedicated workforce," said Mayor John Peyton.  "These two films will continue to grow our film and television infrastructure that contributes significantly to the local economy and enhances our film reputation to the major motion picture industry."

RING Productions, LLC, is a newly-formed locally based company. The company's main objective is to produce three to five independent films each year, with Jacksonville serving as the main filming location.  RING Productions is comprised of partners including Lance Ringhaver, Lou Maggio, Ed Machek, Mike Ossi, Howard Butler and Lawrence Najem, who bring their own expertise and film knowledge to the company.  In addition, the law offices of Ossi, Butler, Najem & Rosario, who represents the William Morris Agency and John Travolta, worked very closely with the JEDC Film & Television office, Mayor Peyton and the City of Jacksonville to insure that Jacksonville was selected as the filming location for these productions and for future projects.

"With my partners and I being natives of Florida, our goal is to bring at least three feature productions per year to the Jacksonville market and utilize the local workforce and supporting businesses in the area," said Lou Maggio, President & CEO of RING Productions, LLC.

Eliot Rockett is a dramedy about life and finding the humor in it, featuring A-list actors such as Sharon Stone, Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu. The story is based on a man (Fallon) returning home to his dying father and ultimately discovering how much they have in common.  Stone plays Fallon's mom.  It is a story about love and the parental bond.

Glad All Over, starring Robert Duval, is a story about a former high school football coach who writes a self-help book to honor his dead wife. His grief over the death of his wife turns him into a recluse, yet his story becomes an instant best-seller with no one ever seeing the author except his publishing agents.

"While most independent film production companies seek investors for their films, RING Productions is largely financing their own films creating a significant positive impact to the Jacksonville market," said Pepper Lindsey, chair of the JEDC Film & Television Advisory Board.  "These movie productions in Jacksonville will encourage film professionals to relocate to our city, which will build the labor force and add to the local industry structure."

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