Reachfar Films' The Bros. Gets Distribution
(released 2/6/2007)

Reachfar Films' The Bros. is finally getting a release on February 20, 2007. The film, which was shot a few years ago, started out as a short film entitled The Brothers (1998) by Jonathan Figg. The short film garnered numerous festival awards and that prompted Figg to shoot the feature version. The title was changed at the same time another film by the same name appeared in theaters.

The Bros. is a story about two suburban white guys trying to be gangsta rappers. The two leads were Joachim Wiese and one of the co-producers John Tindall. The film also makes use of many cameos from Vanilla Ice to Shaquille O'Neal.

The film is now available for pre-order on DVD. It is being distributed by Lionsgate.

A few companies are listed below if you wish to order a rental or pre-order a copy:


Blockbuster: you can add to your cue at Blockbuster (type in The BROS.)


Circuit City

Best Buy;jsessionid=JNLJ5VCVWQYT5KC4D3LFAHA?skuId=8211981&st=The+Bros&type=product&id=1615475


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