TFR Exchanging Films with Wild Sound in Canada
(released 1/30/2007)

The Tampa Film Review has quite a few movies to show for its Friday, February 9th show.  There are even a few submissions from Canada.  TFR recently partnered with Wild Sound Monthly Film Festival in an exchange program.  It works like this.  Some of the best movies to be screened at TFR will also be submitted to Wild Sound and vice versa, thus, giving added exposure to these films from the Bay area.

Of note with this month's screening, A Man in the Attic by Ali Imran Zaidi won the Film Slam in Orlando on January 14, 2007.

Upcoming Films for February 9th, 2007

A Man in the Attic by Ali Imran Zaidi: An American Muslim ponders, discusses and ruminates on his position in America, and the decline of his people in western civilization.

Near the End by Eli T. Pena: Since the early 1900's we've witnessed countless times of the villain chasing the damsel in distress. Journey with us as we time travel back to horror cinema.

Absent by Jeff Pesce: A mother struggles with the loss of her husband and turns to drugs and alcohol for an escape.

A recreation of the Hopper-Walkin scene from True Romance by Charlie Ray: The scene summary is that Vincenzo is a mobster looking for son, who unknowingly stole a suitcase full of cocaine from them. Vincenzo begins to interrogate Cliff. Cliff realizes that he is already a dead man and begins a history lesson on the ancestry of the Sicilians and the Moors. Vincenzo gives Cliff the floor and allows him to finish before giving him the kiss of death and then several bullets. (A warning for strong language)

Second Chance by Kim Gilbert: A career woman finds little solace with her life when she returns home from a long day's work to an empty house, day after day. A recent Internet connection with a somewhat stranger sparks the light of life inside of her and leads her to a date with destiny.

Altarpiece by Marita Contreras: A three-channel video installation that alludes to the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests.

Manstray by Mike Goedicke: A man adopts a "stray man" from the local homeless person pound.

Catch and Release by Andrew Hamilton: Scott's chance encounter with his old fishing buddy Charlie forced Scott to question his personal philosophy. Good friends as kids, both have little in common now as grown men, and deal very differently with fate's unpredictability. – (Canadian submission)

Speeders by Mathew Toffolo: Tracy deals with her Speed-a-holics group while she deals with herself. – (Canadian submission)

Five Foot Ten by Matthew Taylor: At a moment of crisis, a young man reconnects to a childhood memory – (Canadian submission)

Playtime by Matthew Toffolo: Adults go to their daily exercise after work, to the place where kids can be kids again. – (Canadian submission)

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