Stars North to Shine at Crystal Reel Awards
(released 11/6/2006)

Stars North's latest short film, "Once Not Far From Home", has garnered eight 2006 Crystal Reel Wins!

The awards are all in the "Best of" category and included Short Film, Directing, Cinematography, Production Design, Hair and Makeup, Costume Design, Editing and Original Score.

Directed by Ben Van Hook and written by Stars North's Todd Thompson, the short film features a cast of recognizable faces, including TV's Erik Per Sullivan ("Malcolm In The Middle"), Skye McCole Bartusiak ("The Patriot"), Daniel Hugh Kelly ("Star Trek: Insurrection"), Orlando's own, Brett Rice ("Monster") and veteran actor James Best ("The Dukes of Hazard").

"Once Not Far From Home" is a dramatic piece that explores the notion of true love between a curious little boy, a beautiful young girl and a mysterious old house that holds the secrets to their love and fate.

The movie is set in the South sometime in the 1930s. Stars North shot the 35 mm piece over a four-day period in July 2004 and premiered it at the 2005 Florida Film Festival for two sold-out audiences.

"We couldn't have done Once Not Far From Home, or any of our films for that matter, without the help and support of everyone involved" says Sipes.  "The crew we had while shooting, and the people and companies we worked with to process, edit, composite our special effects and mix the final score were all top notch.  This film is definitely a good example of their hard work and dedication and a testament to what's possible when it comes to making movies right here in Florida."

"Once Not Far From Home" is the second in a series of four short films produced by Stars North. Their first film, "Time & Again," starred Academy Award nominee Seymour Cassel and premiered for a sold-out audience during the 2003 Florida Film Festival. "Time & Again" earned more than six independent film awards, including Best Short Film and Best Original Score.

"Stars North is dedicated to making films in Florida, and it means a lot to be recognized so strongly -- and in so many categories -- for our efforts," Thompson says.

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