Gloria Estefan Acting in One Day at a Time
(released 2/14/2019)

Gloria Estefan has been the voice of the intro song on the One Day at A Time reboot on Netflix for the past two seasons. As I turn up the intro and sing it out loud for now Season Three, I am happily greeted with a new character. Abuela's (Rita Moreno) archnemesis sister, who she has not spoken to in twenty years (played by Gloria Estefan), is introduced.

Moreno and Estefan have good memories together in the entertainment industry. An interview where Moreno at the 92Y discusses the journey of Gloria and her husband producer Emilio gives you an understanding of their layered history in the business. Here is audio from that 2015 interview.

In the Season Three episode, Gloria Estefan is stepping out as actress and her role is perfectly performed. I may be biased, as a Miami native, Gloria is a deity.  I seriously think she did well. The show is written in the present and is some of the sharpest writing on television. Not biased, Norman Lear is his own caliber of sitcom creator. Tackling Cuban culture in the states, LGBT issues, raising children as a single mom, equality, me too, no topic is off limits in this writers room and it balances it all with the funny.

Turn up your social IQ and tune in to this show on Netflix.

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