Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival Is Accepting Entries
(released 1/18/2019)

Sickie Award

The Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its fourth annual event, scheduled to take place August 9-11 at the Rogers Kiene Building in downtown Orlando. Sick 'n' Wrong is dedicated to showcasing the strangest, most disturbing, and most defiantly uncategorizable independent films being made. Sick 'n' Wrong accepts submissions of all forms and genres: shorts, features, documentaries, music videos - anything goes so long as it leaves the viewer wondering, "What the [bleep] did I just watch?"
Each year, Sick 'n' Wrong gives out twelve custom-sculpted and hand-painted "Sickie" awards, and for 2019, the festival is unveiling a new lineup of categories, including new categories specifically for animation and for uncomfortably steamy scenes. Here is the complete list of Sickies:
Audience Favorite - voted on in real time by the attendees
Festival Director’s Award - for a stand-out voice in weird filmmaking
Sickest - for the most nauseating visuals
Wrongest - for the most morally aberrant story content
Weirdest Boner Award - for the most uncomfortably sexy scene
Bad Trip Award - for the trippiest animation
Earworm Award - for the best music
Bloody Keyboard Award - for the best writing
Giggling-at-the-Funeral Award - for the most inappropriate laughter
Splash Zone Award - for the best practical effects
Mink Stole Award - for the best performance
The Golden Tentacle - for the best overall movie
Also new for 2019, Sick 'n' Wrong is offering a 20% submission-fee discount for women filmmakers, filmmakers of color, and LGBT+ filmmakers. Interested filmmakers should email festival director Stephen Stull at
Fans and creators of weird cinema can find more information about the Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival by visiting

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