Jerri Manthey - Special Guest at MIFF
(released 9/4/2005)

The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF) is preparing for its biggest show ever and things look bright for the 7th year of this charitable fund-raiser and cultural event. This year saw a doubling of entries with over 300 films submitted to the MIFF which is run by 3 Boys Productions, a multimedia group run by Terry Cronin, Jeff Hall, Bob Lizek, and Pat Martin. Local MIFF volunteers screen the films and help select the films to be granted coveted "screen time."

The film festival not only helps budding filmmakers bring their art to a supportive and cultured audience, but it also raises money for charities Unconditional Love, Inc. and The Yellow Umbrella.

In order to avoid the stress of hurricane season, this year's event has been moved to a new time running November 10 through the 12th and will take place at the Premiere Theaters Oaks Stadium 10 and the Henegar Center for the Arts.

Each year, film fans, filmmakers, and celebrities travel to Melbourne to see films with the enthusiastic Melbourne audience and this year is no exception. "We have so many great people who come out to help the MIFF" said Terry Cronin, this year's program chairman, "and we're so happy to have a celebrity like Jerri Manthey coming to help the MIFF this year." Manthey will be coming to the MIFF to support a special engagement of her new film Widowmaker.

Who is Jerri Manthey?

Jerri Manthey has been an actress since the age of nine, starting in theatre, and moving on to television and film at the age of twenty-two while living in Tampa and later, Orlando, Florida. She is one of the most popular stars to be born from the reality television craze due to her appearance on Survivor: The Australian Outback. After SURVIVOR, Jerri appeared on the cover of PLAYBOY magazine, which became the best-selling issue of the year. In 2003, Jerri was part of the team that launched The WB's hit reality series THE SURREAL LIFE, which took seven famous folks from every genre of the entertainment industry, put them together and created a surprising real-life sitcom. Successfully reinventing the perception of her established on SURVIVOR, Jerri proved that there's more to her than meets the eye. The series delivered the highest ratings ever seen on the WB for its time period (and, according to most media coverage, due mainly to Jerri's ability to keep both the audience and her fellow house-mates laughing).

She has lived in Los Angeles since 1995 and has been in various commercials, independent films and television shows. She was directed by Paul Sorvino in the Showtime movie That Championship Season playing opposite Vincent D'Onofrio, and has just finished lead roles in the upcoming sci-fi action-adventure, Komodo vs. Cobra as well as the independent film entitled, Widowmaker.

Jerri works with various charities across the nation and in her spare time enjoys painting, hiking, cooking, photography, writing, reading, camping, and her favorite yearly event Burning Man. Jerri is part of a band called Deep Eddy and plays hand percussion, sings, dances and spins as well as eats fire.

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