Rockabilly Zombie Weekend Premieres This Weekend
(released 2/14/2013)

Rockabilly Zombie Weekend is having a Red Carpet Premiere at the Plaza Cinema Cafe in downtown Orlando on Sunday, February 17th.  The feature horror/thriller was shot last year in Central Florida.  It was written by Tammy Bennett and directed Jaime Velez Soto.  RZW was EP'd by Bennett along with Brett Fadeley and Sally Pemberton.  It was produced by the team of Melissa Gruver, Randy Molnar, Steven Shea, and Jaime Velez Soto.  

We visted the set back in April 2012.  We met with most of the producers as they worked as well as Production Designer Joe Stone and Set Decorator Wanda Gates.  Check out the photos in the PhotoSeen.

Synopsis: When Becky and Grant arrive at their rockabilly-themed wedding, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak, things go horribly wrong as the mosquito-spread virus spawns zombies, who begin feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon!

You can find out more about the production at

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