Undead Apocalypse Trailer and Pics Available
(released 5/20/2012)

Actor and Producer Christopher LeCours invited us on set for the final day of production of Undead Apocalypse on April 21st.  It was their big zombie horde day, too.  See set photos in our Photo Seen.

Christopher is partnered with Robert Sandler in Deadguy Productions.  Their company is unique to Central Florida in that they not only wrangle extras, but specifically zombies.  More information is available at http://deadguyproductions.weebly.com and on their Facebook page.

Undead Apocalypse was written and directed by the twin brother combo of Danny and Lazaro Nunez.  The Brothers Nunez work under the banner Palma Real, attended Full Sail, and hail from Miami.  They will also be editing the film themselves and last week released their first trailer for Undead Apocalypse on Vimeo.  See it below.

Their logline is "After a successful bio-attack by Islamic extremist terrorists that causes a sudden zombie outbreak, a small group of survivors at a university struggle to reach a professor's lab where a possible cure to the pathogen resides."  Yes, Full Sail stands in as the university.

Undead Apocalypse was produced in conjunction with DeMarco Films and Sebastian Entertainment.

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