Film Slam is Sunday, May 16 at Enzian
(released 5/5/2010)

If you wondered what happened with the Film Slam in April, it was cancelled due to the Florida Film Festival.  This month, there will be 8 short films to make up for lost time.

The Film Slam takes place on Sunday, May 16th at the Enzian Theater and begins at 1pm.  The Enzian is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  More can found about the Film Slam including how to enter your short film into competition at  Below are the films in competition.

#1 -  One Minute People (2010)  / 5 Min
Written by: Ali Imran Zaidi, Directed/Produced by: Fred Zara & Ali Imran Zaidi
Orlando, FL - /

Description: A brief intro to the new web series, One Minute People - a show for short attention spans.


#2 - Socks (2010)  / 5 Min
Written by: Wendy Brey & Eric Thompson, Directed by: Eric Thompson, Produced by: Wendy Brey
Orlando, FL - /

Description: Have you ever wondered where your LOST socks go?

#3 - Toshiro (2010)  / 6 Min 35 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ben Michel
Oviedo, FL - /

Description: In the Edo era of Japan, a samurai must maintain his honor in the midst of a potential death when he is challenged to duel.
#4 - 4 (2010) / 7 Min
Written by: Maggie Miller, Directed/Produced by: Kelly Weaver
Orlando, FL - /

Description: Family, Love, Innocence...Life.... All Are Lost When The Clock Hits 4

#5 - Free Headshot (2010)  / 17 Min
Written by: David Cooper, Directed by: RJ Istvan, Produced by: Key Howard
DeLand, FL -

Description: Rodney Strom is looking for a new headshot. But since he's never had much success as an actor, he signs up for a new union benefit, a free headshot. And when he shows up for his appointment, Rodney finds he has to make a few career choices in this little black comedy.
#6 - Rotten (2010) / 5 Min
Written by: Christopher Valor, Directed by: Ross Goodman, Produced by: Allison Rockefeller
Orlando, FL - /
Description: A diffident young man decided it's time to take charge and eliminate the rottenness that oppresses him and his desires.
#7 - Unknown Soldier (2010) / 2 Min 30 Sec
Written by: Anthony Sterling, Directed/Produced by: Bob Jones
Longwood, FL -

Description: A film that looks at the lawlessness that can exist in the Armed Forces.
#8 - Last Light (2010)  / 21 Min 58 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ryan Young
Orlando, FL - / 

Description: A couple learns that Earth is in the midst of a cataclysmic event. They must find hope in each other when all else is lost.

Enzian Theater FilmSlam Program - 5/16/10 TRT: 70:10 Minutes

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