Double Premiere at USF on June 7th
(released 5/5/2008)

Enigma Films and Hocus Focus Productions are teaming up for a special screening. They are premiering their latest projects together on one night. Both movies are screening absolutely free on Saturday, June 7th at the University of South Florida.

The first film screening of the night will be Enigma Films' short Alarum starring Krista Grotte (Filthy). The film was directed by Rick Danford. The short synopsis goes like this...

"The movie centers around a woman (Grotte) who is dealing with an assortment of mental issues resulting from years of sexual abuse. When her defenses begin to break down she finds herself in a struggle for her very life."

The second premiere of the evening is Hocus Focus Productions' Savaged starring Debbie Rochon. This film was directed by Jason Liquori.

"When Maria Longosi (Rochon) goes into hiding to escape her abusive ex-boyfriend, she takes a job as a house-sitter. This results in her acquiring a canine as a roommate. The dog, Lotus, has some odd habits, but instantly bonds with Maria and proves to be very protective. The small town seems safe enough at first, but Maria soon learns that there is a bear on the loose and that the police have found the body of a slaughtered man nearby. Meanwhile, Maria has problems of her own as Jeff, her ex, is doing everything he can to "keep in touch." Has Maria really found the safety she's been seeking or will her new fierce protector prove to be more dangerous than anyone would dare to guess?"

There will be dealer tables set up where you can purchase movies, magazines, movie memorabilia, get autographs and photos with the stars. Debbie Rochon and locals Krista Grotte and Joel Wynkoop will all be attending and will participate in Q&A's after each film.

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