StormWatch Pictures Looking For EPs
(released 9/30/2004)

Central Florida-based StormWatch Pictures is taking an unconventional direction for funding their upcoming feature project, Black Rabbit. Sure, Hollywood has their studio and banking system in place for blockbuster movies, but your independent filmmakers have to get creative when it comes to finance.

SWP is trying something a little different. For $5, anyone can become an executive producer on their film. That means for the price of about an extra value meal, the average person can contribute to the making of a movie. Doesn't sound like too much of a risk or too much to ask... even for the drive-thru set.

StormWatch Pictures is comprised of Nathan Benson and William Gillette. Their goal is to begin shooting their current project Black Rabbit late this year or early 2005. You can find out more about these young filmmakers and how to get your EP credit at

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