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Project Title:
The Tourist: A Three Part Series

Posted: (11/20/2023)

Production Company/School:
Cabana Club Productions

Contact Person: Chris Yearty


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Port Orange


The Tourist is a three part series about a man named Calvin Foster, a happy-go-lucky hit man contracted with the CIA known as the “Tourist Program”. It’s “John Wick” meets “Bullet Train" meets "The Gray Man." 

We are looking to cast Part I.

Characters we need:

(Speaking Roles):

MOTHER HEN, (FEMALE, Age 25 and up, Any Ethnicity)

Character Bio: Case Officer and Calvin's handler in the Agency. She might be more ruthless than Calvin himself. She won't stop at nothing to get the job done. 

DEPUTY CHIEF KELSEY, (MALE, Age 35 and up, Any Ethnicity)

Character Bio: Deputy Chief Officer of the CIA. He not entirely sure of the program. He thinks MOTHER HEN is pushing her boundaries in her role in the program.

HARU YAMAMOTO, (MALE, Age 30 and up, Asian)

Character Bio: Head of a CIA black site in Japan. Calvin's former trainer and now his "Tour Guide". He has complete faith in Calvin, dubs Calvin as one of his best students.

(Non / Semi - Speaking Roles):

2 CIA Case Officers, (ANY GENDER, 20 and up, Any Ethnicity)

A Bad Guy To Chase in Cuba, (ANY GENDER, 20 and up, Any Ethnicity) 

If interested in any of these roles, do not hesitate to CALL, TEXT, and/or EMAIL me.