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Project Title:
Better Than Ever (Comedy Webseries)

Posted: (9/21/2022)

Production Company/School:
Cabana Club Productions

Contact Person: Chris Yearty


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Daytona / Orlando Area


“Better Than Ever”  is comedy 6 episode web-series about a fictional “semi- famous” larger than life comedian “Chris” who lived in New York for half of his adult life & successful rising career until he has been forced to move back to his hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida after the pandemic of 2020. With the help of his two childhood friends, can he make the biggest comeback & find out his position in life? 

Open Roles:

Erica - Female (Any Ethnicity) Age 21-30


This character is only in the pilot and last episode. Her and Chris had a one night stand. Chris doesn’t remember her name but she always check him when she sees him.

Mr. Delaney - Male (Any Ethnicity) Age 30 - 60


He is a homeless man who is always caught sleeping in Chris’ car because he never locks his door.

Uncle Lee - Male (Black) Age 40 - 60


Chris’ uncle who moved from Jersey for his VA job. Always on the phone with baby mama. Gets Chris to run around to do odd jobs for him.

Dr. Williams - Female (Black) Age 25 - 40


Chris’ therapist. He talks to her daily and has complete trust in her.