On set of David Makes Man at Universal Studios.
On set of David Makes Man at Universal Studios.
Universal Studios Ready For Production
(released 12/16/2020)

Universal Studios Florida Production Group is sending out word that they are ready and open to facilitate film, TV, and commercial productions. The Universal Studios Florida Production Group is made up of production professionals whose role is to assist all productions filming. The group is able to give productions access to the soundstages, the backlot and the Universal Orlando Resort properties.

According to USFPG's Vice President/General Manager Pamela Tuscany, she and her colleagues successfully resumed operations in June, in conjunction with the reopening of Universal Orlando Resort. By her report, a critical aspect of USFPG's continuing success can be attributed to its strict adherence to the CDC's and its own extensive Health and Safety Guidelines.

Disney + series "The Right Stuff" was hosted by the USFPG for season one of the National Geographic and Warner Bros production. Currently, the studio is base for Warner Bros Television's series "David Makes Man".  As the line producer for "David Makes Man," Orlando-based Director and Producer Wayne Morris has confirmed that more than 80 percent of his crew - and virtually all the series' extras - are local. The series uses USFPG's Producer's Building for its offices, and its sound stages, backlot, resort hotels and many other locations throughout Central Florida for production.

You can explore more here: http://studio.florida.universalstudios.com

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