Film Slam #10 on Sunday, October 14th
(released 10/10/2007)

The 10th Film Slam is set to take place on Sunday, October 14th at the Enzian Theater. Hosts Brian Feldman and John Theisen will be there to intro the event and will moderate a Q&A of the filmmakers following the screenings. The films will be just under 50 minutes. The Film Slam starts at 1:00pm. Tickets are $5.00 and for an early Halloween treat, there will be candy.

Did I mention the one and only Brian Feldman of the Orlando Feldmans will be there? This may be your last chance to see him unless you are already fondly familiar with the Feldman Dynamic.

Here's how the competition works if you are new to the event. Everyone in the audience gets a ballot as they enter. There will be 8 films screened. Points are tallied up and the short film with the most votes goes on to the Grand Slam. The GS is part of the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase, which is also held at the Enzian, on December 8th & 9th. The Grand Slam winner will gain entry into the Florida Film Festival in the spring.

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland. There will be one more Film Slam to enter your film on November 11th, so get your short film (under 25 minutes) into the contest before the remaining slots fill up. Here's a link:

The lineup for the 10th Film Slam:

#1 - PARK BENCH (2007)
Written, Produced and Directed by Jason Giraulo
Running time: 7:11 min
Palm Coast, FL -
Phill is a guy who never complains much, never expects much and never does much. His motto is "Life happens." And today, life indeed... "happens."

Produced and Directed by Ryan
Running time: 1:02 min
Orlando, FL -
The Attack brings Punk back to basics; short, fast riffing songs about the social, music, and media driven politics of today.

Written, Produced and Directed by Banks Helfrich
Running time: 4:55 min
Orlando, FL -
A tree's perspective of man.

#4 - JUST A LITTLE STOP (2007)
Produced and Directed by Justin de Leon
Running time: 17:50 min
Orlando, FL -
Explore homelessness through the eyes of six adolescents as they share their journey with homelessness, their future aspirations, and examine their role within their families.

#5 - REMORSE (2007)
Written and Directed by Wayne Santoni
Produced by Valensky Sylvain and Adam Ben-Evi
Running time: 2:35 min
Apopka, FL -
What happens when a Senator forbids his son from deploying to Iraq? Remorse. Is the war in Iraq really worth it?

#6 - THE FLOSSING (2007)
Written, Produced & Directed by Banks Helfrich
Running time: 1:33 min
Orlando, FL -
A husband and wife discuss getting married again while flossing.

#7 - A LICENSE TO DIVE (2007)
Written by Javier Chavez
Produced by Mario Starks
Directed by Carly Czachor
Running time: 4:12 min
Orlando, FL -
Christina, a shy young girl, was looking for adventure. What she found was Ziggy and the Merchant Marine Method.

Written, Produced and Directed by Ali Imran Zaidi
Running time: 9:30 min
Orlando, FL -
IN A LAND beset by confusion, IN A TIME just like the present, ONE MAN is presented with life, the universe and everything. And does nothing.

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