DMAC Is Not Dead
(released 6/2/2006)

We posted here that the Downtown Media Arts Center is closing next week. Apparently, they are still open and will be screening movies this weekend and are opening a new film next week as well.

Continuing this weekend are the films I Am A Sex Addict and Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts, which were reviewed by Ali Imran Zaidi [click here for the review].

Next week is a Flogging Molly documentary.

The future of the DMAC is uncertain. UCF may completely close the project down; they may keep it going. It's hard to tell from the outside, but there is one thing for sure. The DMAC has supported local filmmakers and local filmmakers need to support the DMAC from the inside.

Highlights of going to the DMAC this weekend:
  • Sex (I Am A Sex Addict)
  • Beer (This should get people's attention)
  • Cheap Tickets (Tickets at the DMAC are less than your usual-run, big box theater)
  • Feel Good (You will be supporting a theater venue that supports local filmmakers)

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