First Film Slam of 2006
(released 12/30/2005)

The DMAC Film Slam, which started out on a weekly basis, is a monthly short film showcase and competition.

The January Film Slam will be on Sunday, January 22nd at 7pm. The guidelines are simple:
  • Free to Submit (application on DMAC Website)
  • Max Length: 25 Minutes
  • Formats: DVD, VHS, Mini-DV, BetaSP & DVCam
  • Content: Can be about anything you like. Can be animation, music video, documentary, or just plain old narrative shorts. NO SNUFF FILMS! Anything else is OK.
  • Ballots handed out the night of the slam for judging. (Bring your friends!)
The DMAC is located at 39 S. Magnolia Avenue in Downtown Orlando.

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