Richard Gere Opens the Miami Film Festival
(released 3/6/2017)

Director Joseph Cedar, Actor Richard Gere, and Festival Director Jaie Laplante
Director Joseph Cedar, Actor Richard Gere, and Festival Director Jaie Laplante

Richard Gere was flanked by director Joseph Cedar, the flash of photographers overwhelming inside the Olympia Theater.  He walked to an imaginary line in front of the photo pool, turned his back assimilating into line with them, extended his arms across the fellow line holders as if protecting a child from hitting the dashboard of the car.  Out loud, audible at a distance, calmly he asked the group of photogs to please understand is it too much.  He asked for perspective and understanding of his side of the camera. Richard Gere then returned to the light, accepted the flashing, firecrackers of light, pops of shutters, clanks of equipment alterations, all while being yelled at to "Look here", "over here please", "one more over this way", "can we get one of you alone", "to the left", "look this way", and not many a thank you.

He wears a stack of peaceful beads around his left wrist exposed just beneath his suit. His silver locks, eyes framed in glasses, wisdom showing, he remained flexible.  The red carpet entrance the Miami Film Festival wanted to give him, of which he is worthy, was scrapped due to 25-35 mph gusts that were happening outside the theater and forecast to continue throughout the weekend.  The relocation of the red carpet to indoors made the long line of press compact to a half hallway.

The Actor extended the stage as another opportunity for photos before the screening of his film NORMAN: THE MODERATE RISE AND TRAGIC FALL OF A NEW YORK FIXER.  The director of the film Joseph Cedar along with Richard Gere were moderated by Miami Film Festival Executive Director Jaie Laplante on a pre-screening conversation stage.

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