On Set with the Cast and Crew of The Coffer
(released 10/26/2016)

The Coffer filmed in Altamonte Springs, Florida on October 8 and 9, 2016. GreenRoomOrlando.com was invited to set to cover the filmmakers in action. The set was a great example of organized production in motion. The child actor to watch will be Lauren Grauer. Lauren was comfortable in front of the camera and crew and added to scenes in thoughtful ways discussing her actions with director.  She also had a routine in the green room of rehearsing and taking time to enjoy a favorite television show on her tablet between takes.

The Coffer is a short film about a little girl who finds a small box with magical abilities. Dine Arts Studios is producing the film with Daniel Weiselberg directing.

Crew member Tera Leigh Kenney was handling hair and makeup as well as assisting actress Ashley Gomez who played The Figure. Tera was finding ways to expand the mask and gloves that represent The Figure to give Ashley more breathing room. Tera also tended to the lead actress' hair keeping her camera ready. The film also showcases a bunny named Cow. On set, Cow was pampered with fresh grass and bottled water in the green room and his own travel crate for private comfy down time to regroup and prepare for camera.

Valencia Film program crew members pleasantly peppered the production.

Click here for photos from the set of The Coffer on October 9, 2016.

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