UCF Film is Screening BFA Student Capstone Shorts
(released 5/3/2016)

The University of Central Florida's 3rd year Film BFA students screen their films before their Capstone thesis projects are submitted into  festivals and showcases around the world. The event is May 7. Doors open at 6:30p.m. with an early block of films, a ten minute intermission, and a late block of films. All screenings are free to enter the Visual Arts Building, Auditorium (132). Parking is also available for free in Garage F.

EARLY (Includes some adult language):

    Where Did I Go - Directed by J.W. Hendricks
    Ouroboros - Directed by Ryan Noon; Edited by Kim Chung
    IMANI - Directed by Kirstie Grimaldi; Edited by Ariel Zengotita
    Mirrored Canvas - Directed by Christina Paul
    Reed's Motel - Directed by Karli Windischmann
    Oma, Mom, and Amanda - Directed by Jennifer Royka
    Red Herring - Directed by Christian Wetzel
    Pinhole - Directed by Sarah Huffine
    Kulenomenon - Directed by Gabriel Herndon

LATE (Includes even more adult language plus occasional nudity and violence):

    The Florida I Never Knew - Directed by Drew Perlmutter
    Cookies - Directed by Livia Azevedo; Cinematography by Ryan Noon; Edited by Kim Chung
    Infinity's Child - Directed by Jeff Shedden
    Funnyman - Directed by Justin Castillo; Cinematography by J.W. Hendricks
    Party Hardy - Directed by Everett Hall
    Let's Talk - Directed by Juan Ordone
    Engine - Directed by Peyton Momberger; Cinematography by Amber Steele; Edited by Ben Gill
    Alexithymia - Directed by Tanner Pemelton; Edited by Ben Gill
    Dissonance - Directed by Vicki Gordon; Cinematography by Drew Perlmutter
    Video/Nasty - Edited by Jon-Michael Rose; Co-Edited by Josh Stone

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