Our Community Images and Sounds of Percussion
(released 4/1/2005)

Florida Film Festival Partners with SPRINT and Montreal’s Society for Art and Technology to Present: Spontaneous Percussion

Community invited to contribute images for a visual profile of central florida which will be edited into a movie during a public event at Winter Park's Central Park

The 2005 Florida Film Festival, April 8-17, 2005, announces a one-of-a-kind community event, Spontaneous Percussion: Sights and Sounds of Our Community in Our Own Community Film. Now in its 14th year, the Florida Film Festival proudly presents the third annual NextArt, an integral aspect of the Festival which celebrates the cutting edge of creativity developed by current visionaries—with special emphasis on work that blends media into new forms.

With Spontaneous Percussion, Florida Film Festival and Sprint are partnering to turn the community loose to shoot images and lay a soundtrack for its own movie.

"Through the magic of wireless digital communication and high-energy participation, the community will create a unique work of art," said Peg O'Keef, Executive Director of the Florida Film Festival. "We are honored to welcome a cadre of cutting-edge artists from The Society for Art and Technology [SAT] in Montreal, Canada who will work with the Festival to produce a film based entirely on images and a soundtrack created by the community, before the eyes of the participants."

Beginning April 1, community members may take digital photos and short videos using their own handheld devices (mobile camera phones, PDAs, digital cameras), or make use of a Sprint PCS Video Mail phone, available in limited quantities through the Florida Film Festival, to document all aspects of the Florida Film Festival and the Central Florida community. They will then load their photos and short videos onto the Festival site at http://www.floridafilmfestival.com/nextart or email them to pix@enzian.org. The images will be collected into a data bank for use during the live event.

To see what will become of all their photos and videos and to join in the rollicking fun of the "mix session," community members will assemble at the stage in Winter Park's Central Park on Wednesday, April 13, at 6:30PM. They will be asked to bring a drum, castanets, pickle tub... whatever percussion instrument they have or can invent. In the style of the ancient drum circle, everyone will be encouraged to play together along with several drum leaders and innovative veejays Jocool AKA Joseph Lefèvre and Ladyroll AKA Martine Koutnouyan, along with DJ Matthew Burton from SAT.

"All the people who have chosen to attend this event will have the pleasure of seeing their images, photographs or videos projected on a large screen and mixed live by the SAT artists," said Lefevre. "This performance fits perfectly into the context of the Florida Film Festival since the public will have the opportunity to be directly involved in an experimental creation."

The result will be a one-of-a kind community-commissioned community-produced work or art: a movie created by the community.

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