Final 2015 Film Slam is Sunday October 11
(released 10/6/2015)

The final Film Slam of the 2015 season is Sunday, October 11.  It starts at 1pm and as usual will be followed by a Q&A with reps from the films.

The winner of this Film Slam will join the other winners from this season and play at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase on November 21 and 22.  The 2016 season will actually start in December.

Here are the short films in competition this Sunday.  For more info on the Film Slam or the Enzian Theater, go to

Babies (2015)
Writer/Director: Benjamin L. Gill; Producer: Lacie Ratliff
Running Time: 4:07
Synopsis: After a distressing realization regarding the pet name "baby," a couple is subjected to a horrifying, natal nightmare in which both experience terrifying distortions of baby situations

Create the Movie (2015)
Writer/Director/Producer: Fred Zara
Running Time: 14:23; Website:
Synopsis: Why do artists create art? In this short documentary, we will meet artists from all different walks of life, from painting to music to filmmaking, and simply asks them why they do what they do.

Clown Face (2015)
Writer/Director: Karim Dakkon; Producer: Sunita Gounden
Running Time: 3:23
Synopsis: Employee Clowns of a modern office space are told to report anyone who seems sad. A small conversation between two acquaintances reveal nothing from words, but much more from action.

The Art of Villainy (2015)
Writer/Director: James Noir; Producer: Dan Ballester, Erica Serio & James Noir
Running Time: 13:55; Website:
Synopsis: From Executive Producer Bill Moseley (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects) comes a supernatural crime thriller that follows an otherworldly criminal and the detective who has spent his entire career chasing him.

Buzzkillers (2014)
Director: Ryan Hagerman; Writer: David B. Witwer, Jen Vos, Ryan Hagerman; Producer: David B. Witwer
Running Time: 5:29; Website:
Synopsis: Two stoners believe they've accidentally killed their roommates and, while baked, try to make him disappear.

Lacuna (2014)
Writer/Director: Jon-Michael Rose; Producer: Chase Commins
Running Time: 4:08; Website:
Synopsis: la-cu-na ( luh-kyoo-nuh ) n. [ pl. -nae, -nas ]
1. small blank or empty space; gap; hiatus.
2. minute cavity in bone or tissue.

The Accountant (2014)
Writer/Director/Producer: Stephen Morgan & Alex Couch
Running Time: 3:28
Synopsis: A quiet, reclusive accountant adamantly insists on a clear separation between both his professional life at the work place and his personal life at home.

Death Ray
Director: Dylan Merriman; Writer: Dylan Merriman and Carlton Crumpton; Producer: Adam Kanfer
Running Time: 6:10
Synopsis: After being bitten by his pet spider, a comic book obsessed teenager tries to find out what happened during his blackout, but his best friend knows the day may have changed everything.

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