Flicks on Fairbanks this Monday
(released 3/31/2005)

Monday, April 4, 2005 another showcase of indie movies will be presented at Flicks on Fairbanks. The line up featuring local, nation, and international indie shorts is as follows.

From director Michael Field "One Up" (2005). It’s a witty comedy about two lost souls and a fruit pie. From West Haven, Connecticut. 8-minutes.

Directed by Christopher Yocum. "Bananas" (2005) is an off-beat comedy about a man who becomes obsessed with hand feeding bananas to other men. From Minneapolis, Minnesota. 8-minutes & 14-seconds.

In "Mahalo" (2004) Full Sail students portray the comedy and tragedy of a late night pharmacist, his bitchy wife, a urinary tract infection, and an armed robbery. All in under 7-minutes and 30-seconds. From Orlando, Florida. Directed by T. Adams, J. Bruening, A. Eaton, R. Gareau, L. Mo:Luv, J. Duquette, B. Ouellette, and T. Takes.

Followed by another Full Sail film called "The Partner" (2004). It's a tongue-in-cheek sci-fi dramedy about a cop who gets an unusual partner. Directed by R. Connolly, E. Davis, A. Gardiner, Y. Goodman, S. Holt, B. Mulder, J.P. Ouellette, & R. Reichenberger. From Orlando, Florida. 6-minutes & 35-seconds.

Full Sail's third and final film of the eveing is a 35 MM comedy about murder, betrayal, and Chinese food. "Disposable Loan Shark" (2004) was directed by Alyssa Gardiner & J.P. Ouellette. From Orlando, Florida. 13-minutes & 30-seconds.

Directors Adam Jones and Adam Giles will showcase their 2001 film "The Undertaking." In it, two friends try to come to terms with a loss, but the burial doesn't go as planned. From Newcastle. 10-minutes.

WORLD PREMIER: "Infidelephant – The Director's Cut!" 2005. produced by a crack team of local filmmakers for the recent 0-36 competition in which groups of movie makers had to make a movie in 36 hours. It's a comedy about love and lust... between Infidelelephants. Featuring new footage never before seen in a café. Director Steven Shea will be on hand to talk about this hilarious movie. 8-minutes.

E-mail Constantin Preda at flicksonfairbanks@hotmail.com for more details or go to www.constantinpreda.com and click the Flicks on Fairbanks link for more info. Don't forget to share your thoughts on the message boards.

Austin Coffee and Film is located at 929 W. Fairbanks - Winter Park, FL 32789. (407) 975-3364.

Admission is FREE!

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