First Film Slam of 2014 Season
(released 12/3/2013)

The first Film Slam of the 2014 season is upon us.  It takes place Sunday, December 8th at 1pm at the Enzian Theater.  The Enzian is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  More info is available at

Here is the lineup of shorts in competition.

VANN: Pawn Shop Superstars (2013)
Director/Writer/Producer:  Rich Belsan
Running Time: 6:10; Website:
Synopsis:  A web series that follows the exploits of two roommates. In this episode, Laura comes home to discover that Vann has set up a pawn shop in his room.

Reticent Fantasies (2013)
Director/Writer: Kevin Shah; Producer: Paul Decker
Running Time: 3:24; Website:
Synopsis: A man is sitting on the beach with his very profound thoughts. Have you ever wondered, what one is thinking about? This film is about challenging preexisting notions and breaking down stereotypes.

Refuge (2013)
Director: Aubrie Campbell Canfield; Producer: Robin Canfield
Running Time: 7:37
Synopsis: Lloyd is a veteran who has made it his life's mission to provide other veterans with the help he needed once he returned from Vietnam.

Nozomi ?  (2013)
Director/Writer: Dale Metz; Producer: Renee Davenport
Running Time: 12:27; Website:
Synopsis: A drama exploring a teen girl's love and compassion for horses and the struggle that ensues when a leisurely trail ride takes an unexpected turn.

Dreamer (2013)
Director: John Hammen Jr., Writer: Joshua Wagner; Producer: Lambert Mixson, Keith Lyons, Jonathan Sessoms
Running Time: 12:07
Synopsis: Story of a struggling artist who is faced with the decision to give up on his dreams or continue on and later become an Icon.

SP #8 (2013)
Director/Writer/Producer: Carl Knickerbocker
Running Time: 2:30; Website:
Synopsis:  Television. A dreamy, art driven cascade into what's real and maybe what's not.

It All Comes Home (2013)
Director/Writer: Matt Huston; Producer: Jaime Meyers
Running Time: 16:20; Website:
Synopsis: Taking place in the ever-dramatic setting that is a modern day high school, Jaime Tipton has one thing on her mind: Getting the right date for the upcoming Homecoming dance.

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