Tampa Bay UNDERGROUND Film Festival
(released 12/5/2023)

Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival was founded 10 years ago by a collective of Tampa Film industry creatives. The festival wants to capture great independent films that fall through the cracks and end up underground. Many independent films end up going straight to a video version and never see a big screen. This festival hoped to bring them to a screen to get the digital sound, marketing and promotional accolades that bring on distribution prospects. Underground also being the nature of low budget Indies more than a genre of films.

The festival showcases dramas, comedies, action, adventure, crime, musicals, horror, sci-fi, thrillers, fantasies, animation, children's and more.

This year, there will not be an online component as all films will screen at Port Richey Cinema 6. Advance ticket sales and scheduling are being handled by EVENTIVE. For a full list of films screening December 7-10, 2023 and to secure your tickets, head to the festival's site here: https://tbuff.org/films.html

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