Tooth Fairy 2 Wrapping Production in Orlando
(released 3/7/2011)

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is wrapping production this week in Orlando, Florida of the family comedy Tooth Fairy 2. They began production the week of the Super Bowl.

The film stars Larry the Cable Guy as Larry Guthrie, a one-time Metro County Miracle bowling champ. The champ, however, is having one bad day when he learns his ex-girlfriend, school teacher Brooke played by Erin Beute, has intentions of marrying his arch-enemy, a local politician played by David Mackey.

Larry goes to the after-school program to find Brooke and hopefully change her mind.  During the visit, he inadvertently breaks the news to a child that the Tooth Fairy is just a myth. The tooth fairies are not pleased and say they are going to erase Larry's greatest memory if he does not collect 20 teeth in 20 days. He must also prove to Brooke that he is a changed man or he will lose her forever.

Most of the filming took place on location in the Orlando area, while this last week is shooting on a soundstage at Universal Studios Florida.

For photos from our on set visit March 7, 2011, go to the PhotoSeen.

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