Miami Filmed "Bezos" Available Online
(released 1/18/2023)

Bezos: The Beginning is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Vimeo. World-wide distributor of independent entertainment, Vision Films announced on their social media, that the biographical film is set to be released January 24th.

The film was shot in Miami and by local production company Spanglish Media. The biopic stars Armando Gutierrez, Marcus Lemonis, and Emilio Estefan.  "Based on the book Zero to Hero, the true story of Jeff Bezos, a humble but successful Wall Street executive with an idea that would change the world. Starting out in his garage, he was cheered on by his wife and loving parents when the internet was young, but code development and finances were an early struggle on his way to creating one of the world's most recognized retail brands."

In addition to starring as Bezos Armando Gutierrez served as producer on the film. In a release Producer Armando Gutierrez adds, "The movie shows how, in its infancy, Amazon was all about books but even in his early presentations about the company, even before it was named Amazon, he did discuss several times how by using this website to sell through the internet, you could potentially sell everything that ever existed. So, he saw the potential in the early 90s, even when the technology wasn't there to index that volume of stuff."

You can pre-order this release here: 

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