Next FilmSlam is August 14th at Museum of Art
(released 8/8/2022)

The next FilmSlam will be August 14, 2022 at 2p.m. Head over to the Orlando Museum of Art located at 2416 N. Mills Avenue in Orlando to witness first hand Florida Filmmaking.

From the FilmSlam organizer's:
Join us this Sunday, August 14, 2pm, at Orlando Museum of Art for one of the most thought provoking and controversial (and beautiful!) screening programs in our 18 year #FilmSlam history. Don't miss it.
Programmer's note: As a reminder, all FilmSlam programming is (NR), Not Rated. This month's program is NOT kid friendly. (Also, not friendly for those who may clutch their pearls.)

Your August lineup of films are:

AVRO (2022)
Director: Madeleine Hall; Dancer: Jade Diskin; Music: Ryoji Ikeda
Running Time: 3:13
Synopsis: AVRO examines the relationship between the human experience and the use of technology. Though what we create digitally holds the potential to serve us, when will technology overtake our places of creation?

The Sparrow and The Raven (2022)
Writer/Director: David Kashner; Producer: Jenya Meether, Phil Mullen, David Kashner
Running Time: 16:44
Synopsis: A Russisn female spy, a sparrow, falls in love with an assassin and it starts to unravel her past.

Let Go (2022)
Writer/Director: Alana Phillips; Producer: Alana Phillips, Alexandrea Nammour
Running Time: 5:00
Synopsis: A film about overcoming heartbreak. Based on the poem "Let Go" by Ashley Elder.

LOVE (2022)
Writer/Director/Producer: Joanna Gaspar
Running Time: 10:00
Synopsis: A sapphic lesbian coming of age short film that follows two girls veering away from societal norms as they come to terms with their sexuality.

The Confession (2022)
Writer/Director: Emma Francis; Producer: Christopher Lee-Fatt
Running Time: 3:23
Synopsis: When a hit-and-run driver confesses to a priest at his victim's funeral, he has no idea that the priest has another connection to the tragedy.

Something Beautiful (2022)
Writer/Director: Joshua Otis Miller; Producer: Amy Joy Miller
Running Time: 3:16
Synopsis: Something Beautiful is a short film about painting an inclusive picture and provoking a discussion around the way people think about people of color through the eyes of a person who embodies all things beauty, success, love, and freedom. And that happens to be black.

The Fourth Wall (2022)
Writer: Madeleine Carstens; Director: Jaziel Rosario-Arroyo
Running Time: 9:05
Synopsis: Artist struggles to finish his new comic when suddenly his character comes to life and helps him.

V for Vulva (2022)
Writer/Director/Producer: Destiny Greer
Running Time: 9:01
Synopsis: An experimental look at women's experiences through the physical definitive of societies categorization of women - the Vulva. The film utilizes brazen imagery and scattered sound to pull the viewers focus on to the uncomfortable, when in reality it is normal life.

You can secure your tickets ahead of Sunday by going here:

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