Fran Drescher speaking at the National Press Club
Fran Drescher speaking at the National Press Club
Fran Drescher Speaks at National Press Club
(released 4/25/2022)

Today, April 25, 2022, SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher spoke at the National Press Club on labor, sustainability, and health.

Drescher became president in the middle of the pandemic as many actors were facing long stretches of unemployment and halted productions, as waves of the virus moved through the country. The Nanny star turned labor leader addresses how to move through the industry's current obstacles by focusing on our personal health.

The daughter of a system analyst, she is used to obsessing over how to crack the code on things that seem inefficient or a broken system. How to find the answers, she asks questions and asks us to ask questions too about our health care system.  Her experience as a cancer survivor gives her additional perspective on the state of our country's health system and looks to the root of the problems that exist in our way of handling health care.

Drescher says greed is the counterintuitive path of a true wellness program and continues by acknowledging there is little incentive to practice preventative medicine in the system that is in place. Drescher contends "We the People" must take the bull by the horns to make change. She wants us to individually become mindful consumers and not mindless consumers. Labor must understand the mind, body, spirit and remove toxic things from our lives.

President Drescher goes on to take questions from the press club. You can see the C-SPAN broadcast of her speech here:

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