Bad Monkey Filming in South Florida
(released 3/23/2022)

BAD MONKEY is filming in Florida by order of Apple TV+ and is being created with the talents of Bill Lawerence (TED LASSO) and Vince Vaughn. Vaughn will star and serve as executive producer along with Lawerence. BAD MONKEY will tell the story of a South Florida police detective that has been demoted to Health Inspector. The detective turned health inspector, Andrew Yancy, is played by Vince Vaughn.

The BAD MONKEY series is based on Carl Hiaasen's 2013 New York Times Best Selling novel of the same name. The series will depict the greed, corruption, misadventure of South Florida and according to the Apple release about the series, yes there is a monkey. Bad Monkey the series is written by Lawrence.

The 10 episode ordered series has started production in the Florida Keys. It is produced by Warner Bros Television and will be distributed by Apple TV+.

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