48HFP Comes To Orlando
(released 7/8/2008)

The 48 Hour Film Project was started 8 years ago in Washington, DC. It has finally made its way to Orlando. A few months ago, Director of Outreach Ben Guaraldi sent out emails looking for a local producer to tackle the job of producing Orlando's 48HFP.

It really is about time this has come to Orlando. It has been in Miami for 4 years (Aug 1st weekend), Tampa is on its second year (July 18th weekend), and Jville just finished up its second contest in May.

If you have been making films in Orlando for a few years, you may remember some of the local organizations running a very similar contest called O-36. There has been a lapse, though, for the past 2 years and that may have been the foot in the door for the internationally recognized 48 Hour Film Project.

The contest is relatively the same other than a 36 hour competition, this is obviously 48 hours. There are prizes for the winners aside from bragging rights as well.

Here's how it works if you haven't heard of the 48HFP.

All teams are given a prop, a character, a line of dialogue, and a genre. They must then make a film in 48 hours. All finished films are then screened at the Enzian Theater the following Saturday.

Teams must register online at www.48hourfilm.com/orlando. The team registration fee is $125.

For more information, contact the Orlando Producer Teri Lynne at orlando@48hourfilm.com.

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