Still from God's Waiting Room
Still from God's Waiting Room
Florida Repped at Tribeca Festival
(released 6/19/2021)

There are a few Florida connections at the Tribeca Festival this year. One of the films had a competition winner attached. Tribeca started last week and continues this weekend.

Actor Matthew Leone won Best Actor in a U.S. Narrative Feature Film for his work in God's Waiting Room, which was shot in Lutz in Hillsborough. The film also garnered a Special Jury Mention to Mack Fisher, Cinematographer of God's Waiting Room, for his beautiful cinematography that captures the heaven/hellscape of central Florida.

God's Waiting Room is described as... In the thick heat of central Florida, Rosie (Nisalda Gonzalez), a musician fresh out of high school, can't shake her boredom. Before long, she meets Jules (Matthew Leone), a hustler from New York. She falls hard for his streetwise charms and his easy confidence. On the other side of town, Brandon (Tyler Riggs) returns home after a decade in prison, but his transition to life on the outside is dogged by the scars of his past. The summer drags on, pushing these three characters together down a dangerous path.

Winter Springs-native Brooklynn Prince, who made her presence known in The Florida Project, had her latest acting work Settlers screen at Tribeca.

Settlers takes place on a remote homestead amongst the Martian frontier, as a refugee family from Earth clings to hope for a better life. But when strangers appear in the surrounding hills and attempt to run them off, nine-year-old Remmy (Brooklynn Prince) is faced with the desperate reality her mother (Sofia Boutella) and father (Jonny Lee Miller) have tried so hard to keep from her.

Screening today as part of the Nineteenth programming is the Orlando production and Oprah Winfrey Network television show David Makes Man. Following the screening, there will be a conversation with series creator and executive producer, Tarell McCraney, and showrunner, Dee Harris-Lawrence.

God's Waiting Room is repped by Pardigm Talent Agency. Settlers is being distributed by IFC Midnight to select theaters and VOD on July 23rd. 

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