Web of Haxan Keeps Spinning
(released 5/8/2008)

They may not be in Orlando anymore, but somehow Haxan is never more than the 6 degrees away.

How this all started today

You know how when you look at your MySpace bulletins and there are sometimes hundreds every day, you lose track and you only click on the ones that catch your eye.  Probably likened to a casting director looking at headshots.

Today, MCW caught my eye.  His bulletin is called "Mike Williams & Steven Spielberg" and that did it.  Mike C. Williams is one of the three actors from The Blair Witch Project.  His bulletin was simply a link to http://www.dearmrspielberg.com.  It is an open letter from Williams to Spielberg.

In the letter, he describes his journey.  He mentions some of his work, which includes BWP, Altered (directed by Ed Sanchez and shot at Universal and Orlando locations), The Objective (directed by Dan Myrick), and his most recent project Tom and Marlo (directed by Christian Guevarra and shot in Orlando).

And the web surfing begins...

Christian Guevarra, aside from directing Tom and Marlo last summer, is an artist.  Some of his work was on display at the recent grand opening of Bay Two, for which he was present.

That leads me to what Sanchez has been up to lately, Seventh Moon.  I knew he was working on a film in Hong Kong.  Being born there, it sticks when I hear the name of the city.  I haven't had the time to look through the entire movie site which has all the signs of a bluedaniel.  He seems to do all the Haxan related projects.  He also did the site for The Air I Breathe, which brings in another Orlando brethren's film, and The Bros, yet another Orlando film.

Sanchez likes to keep his loyal fans up to date on his Haxan blog.  He recently made a trip to Skywalker Ranch to meet up with the team that will be handling post audio.  He mentions that it was mainly the same people that worked on Altered for him.

Myrick and Williams were recently up in NYC showing off The Objective.  It had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th.

It looks like these guys keep forging ahead.  They are keeping with the horror/sci-fi genre and it definitely looks like their budgets are increasing.

And Mike, good luck with your letter!

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