Enzian Hosts DeRosa's The Air I Breathe
(released 2/21/2008)

After a week in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, THINKFilm pulled the plug on The Air I Breathe. The Mexico City-shot film will be relegated to DVD.

It brought in $19,487 on 7 screens starting January 25th. That's a per screen average of $2784, which is much lower compared to that weekend's number one movie, Meet The Spartans, that did $7104 per screen. Most independent films have to run higher than normal numbers to go from limited to wide release and obtain mainstream marketing support from the distributor.

Other movies that were also in their first week of release during the same period did the following per screen averages:

Rambo - $6617
Untraceable - $4795
How She Move - $2585

Actors in the movie include Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Kevin Bacon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brendan Fraser, Julie Delpy, and Emile Hirsch.

THINKFilm has booked The Air I Breathe for a week at the Enzian Theater starting Friday, February 29th. The writer Bob DeRosa, formerly an Orlando resident, thanks his former Florida Film Festival comrade Matthew Curtis (programming director) for getting the film screened in Orlando. DeRosa met his co-writer and director Jieho Lee at the Enzian during the Florida Film Festival as well.

According to the Enzian website, DeRosa will be in attendance during the opening weekend.

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