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Project Title:
These Things

Posted: (9/6/2023)

Production Company/School:

Contact Person: Corbin Huggins


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Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando

Casting for the action, comedy "These Things" to shoot in Miami and Orlando at the end of September and mid October (Ideally). The roles listed here are only the roles needed in Orlando along with James, the only role that would be need in both locations.

The project is set to premiere first in April at the University of Miami Canes Film Festival. Hand selected winners of the festival will be flown to L.A. and have the film played in front of producers.

I am Corbin Huggins and I actively work in the industry as a visual effects artist. This project is made to be 1 of 3 that I aim to hope to use for moving beyond vfx into directing. On top of the film festival, I have my own connections and producers I plan to pitch this project to.


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Include headshots (for casting roles), resume and any questions you may have regarding the role/position. Feel free to include any information you feel is relevant and social media if you would like. 


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Supporting. Male. 18-25
A early to mid 20's Hispanic male character. Has a "weasly" personality and tries to come across and look tough.

On the inside though he is just trying to fit in and wants to make friends.

THIS ROLL WOULD REQUIRE BOTH MIAMI AND ORLANDO LOCATION SHOOTING. Transportation can be provided and possibly housing as well. Also work arounds may be implemented if you are only available in one location and you are the RIGHT actor for the role.

Supporting. Male.  25-45
Willing to switch gender for the right actress.

The antagonist of the short, Hispanic male. He isn't necessarily evil. He just has a job to do.

Needs to be able to speak convincing Spanish.

Supporting. Male. 30-50
Willing to switch gender for the right actress.

A larger Hispanic male in his late 30's to early 50's. Head of the competing gang. A welcoming and fatherly personality. Feel free to put your own spin on this character, physical appearance or performance wise.

Spanish speakers are not required for this role but a convincing accent as if English is your second language would be appreciated.

Supporting. Male. 18-25
Willing to switch gender for the right actress.

A young pot head.

Feel free to come at this any way you feel.


Also casting for extra roles -
Need random bad guys, a couple of college kids and pester the antagonist and a child.