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No Justice

Posted: (6/4/2022)

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Top tier

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Location: orlando

hello my name is Donterius Moore I film student just finish school wrote this show call No Justice we are trying to film the first five episode and shop it around to different network  and producers you will get IMDB credit we can be reach at by email  when reaching out please put no justice in the subject. there will be food on each shooting date ill main goal is to try and shoot at the end of July begin of august.

this action drama crime vigilant type show that take place in central florida. here is a little something about the show
and what we are looking for No Justice"  

Set in Modern-Day central Florida, No Justice follows the exploits of the ghost, a group of vigilantes inspired by the legendary crime fighters of the 19hundreds, the freedom fighters helped ensure the safety and refugees of the people by taking on the United States corrupt criminal justice system, while also fighting organized crime in the south in the early 1940s. The freedom fighters were last seen over 50 years ago after the laws of the land progress throughout time. They often opposed The Network, a secret society of influential families who  
have guided the course of American history, funded by the treasures lost to history, such as the lost gold of Manasseh. The network has been around for years rewriting the history books causing chaos in the shadows, they continue climbing the charts in the criminal underworld by profiting from modern day slavery and racism, capitalizing from corporate greed, too starting Street wars for bloodshed and sacrifices. The Ghosts who all share a desire to fix their broken pass learn that justice will not be served without actions being taken. The show starts off with the Network, a secret Society of local drug dealers and gang leaders who have been in control of the criminal underworld for decades due to the connections that they have with the "TWF" Ten Wealthy Families. However, the network has not all ways seen eyes with its founder is, they suspect a weak link in a chain of command, so the network sends Bishop Daniels after the ten families in order to keep his family safe, not knowing that bishop has his own agenda of taking down the network and disbanding them entirely Bishop then kills most of the ten families except for his own and Mr. Charles. So, his mother Isabella and Mr. Charles try to rebuild the ten families and find out who is behinds the killings of their colleges, they then send in Bishop's brother Damien Benitez Jr Aka Info alone side Raymond " The Flame " Johnson the deadly assassin to investigate.   
Main characters  

Bishop Daniels- (age 20-45 Black African American Male) Bishop Daniels, is the brother of Troy, Taylor and info, Bishop who was raised by their mother Isabella Benitez who is one of highest-ranking members the ten Wheatley families" while growing up bishop was ship off to boarding school by his mother at an incredibly youthful age Forcing Bishop to enlist into the police academy in Stone Mountain Georgia. Before returning home from the police academy bishop is confronted by some members of the network to do a Hired hit Which forces bishop to relive open pain yet again. The only clue to who could have been responsible for the murders of the families was a single gold coin, displaying a globe embossed with the Hebrew phrase Shalom Ve levitator (meaning Hello, goodbye, and peace)  

Troy Daniels- (age 20-45 Black African American Male)Troy Daniels Brother of Bishop, Taylor, an info, an aspiring district attorney, who fights for the rights of the people and seeks Justice against a corrupt criminal justice system of the United States. particularly studying the history of the early Civil rights movements and Jim Crow laws of the south earning him the title, the expert in the Arts of vigilantism. Troy has not seen Bishop in several years, with Troy describing it as him one day waking up and every trace of Bishop being lost in the past, causing him to doubt his own memories.  

Taylors Benitz- (age 20-45 Hispanic females) Taylor. The Younger sister of Info, Bishop, and Troy. Taylor who has worked for years to distance herself from her family and   
its criminal history, she is a former US Marine medic and armed forces vet who is Morris newly assigned partner,  
When she quickly figures out, he is not who he says he is. She hides in the shadows of her brother Bishop illegitimately (unknown to him)  

Info Benitz- (age 20-45 Hispanic or Black African American Male) Info is a well-known criminal master mind known across multiple countries and governments working effortlessly to stay away out of his family's business Info decides to form a group call the Ghost who goes after the network and try to save His Siblings Troy, Taylor, and bishop.  

John Harrison- (age 20-45 any race males) John Harrison is a corrupt police detective, who is trying to cause a turf war between the network and its founder is, forcing the network right hand man to retaliate after his son premature death.  

Isabella Benitz- (age 40-50 Hispanic females) Isabella Benitez is one of the highest-ranking members of the ten wealthy families, while struggling to keep her love life on the low, Isabella is forced to rebuild the secret society from within by keeping her children safe away from the Network  

Emily Knox- (age 30-55 any race females) The KNOX Family began its rise to political international power with Howard Knox, a US banker and Senator. for years, the family have been known for profiting off the Acts of World War 2 and have even been accused of having established businesses with corporations that helped finance the Hitler's regime.  

Mayor Lewis Gibson (age 20-45 any race males) - Lewis Gibbons also referred to as the politician, mayor Gibbons has served as the mayor of South Florida for over two terms winning election cycle after election cycle proving to be a household name in south Florida politics over the years, until a surprise opponent decided to blackmail gibbons into stepping down from his seat.  

Mr. Robert Charles - (age 40-50 any race males) The Charles family started their empire with John D Charles who was born in Staten Island New York, to a father who was a con artist, and a mother who was deeply religious, not like the rest of his family, John was considered an extremely serious an honest young man, in 1817 he began working as a bookkeeper for a small produce firm, working long hours John was delighted in the intricacies of the work, yet had a key mind for finances and budgeting. Seeing the opportunity with the Advent of the internal Combustion engine John started a business partnership with his friend and his brothers, going into the business of refining oil at a time when everyone else was busy trying pump it out of the ground. This is where the Charles family came into play founding standard oil in the 1870s The Charles family wealth exploded, the Charles family would then end up controlling 90% of America's oil pipelines and refineries. However, the families manually were broken by the U.S antitrust laws inspired by the freedom fighters in 1911. The Charles family continues to hold a large share in the national oil and production industry after the Time of John's death in 1937 the Charles family have had multiple descendants live on a Carry out the family business.  

Nathaniel Whitfield- (age 20-45 any race Built males) Nathaniel Whitfield is a descendant of an English bounty hunter, formerly bound to the Crown referred to as The Huntsman. The Whitfield family have been in debt to the Network since the late 18th century when Nathaniels ancestor Henry immigrated to the United States, after being exiled by the British government, escaping from a ship headed to Australia. However, Nathaniel has long dreamed of becoming a member of the Network Council rather than their attack dog, aiming to use the Network to restore the Whitfield name to its former glory. As The Huntsman, he is considered one of the FBI most wanted criminals, as a legendary and brutal mercenary.  

Smoke (age 40-50 Black African American)-The son of poor French Algerian immigrants Robert Saint Smoke the second, is the criminal mastermind known as big Smoke. Robert is a fanatical man who believes that the only way to deal  
with corruption is to control it. Since 2006, under the guise of charity activity, he has trained a mentored his private armies of criminals both young and old, adopting one to be of his own, leading to the interest of the  

Low (age 20-45 Black African American Male)- Geovani Benard also referred to as Lowe is a local street thug who was adopted by Robert Saint Smoke back in 2010, being raised by his French Algerian stepfather Lowe who have always dream of living up to his father's name as one of the most notorious gangsters of the south, until one-day Lowe gets kidnapped and torture by corrupt police detective who leave him for dead.  

Morris- (age 20-45 any race males) Adam Morrison also known as Detective Morrison is Taylor's newly assigned partner who is also an undercover FBI agent sent by IAB to investigate the corruption that is taking place within the CFPD  

Luther- (age 20-45 any race males) Luther Jackson is the owner of Luther's lounge and fight club, Luther Jackson is also a very well-known businessperson in the city who is loved all threw out the community he also owns multiple businesses that is mutual grounds for all the local gang member's and leaders. when one day one of his friends asks for some help in hand to take Justice into their own hands forming the Ghost  

Striker- (age 20-45 any race males) Joseph Green is local musician artists trying to make a name for his self in the music industry, in the process of working on his album release tour, Stryker is confronted by his manger informing him that he is in depth to the label forcing Stryker to meet up with a local street gangster by the name of smoke  

Marcus- (age 20-45 any race males) Marcus Williams is a local street hustler, a best friend to Stryker, Marcus, who is trying to take care of his sick mother with cancer, alone with his little brother and sister. Fighting to keep a real job, Marcus turns back to the streets and works with a Local gangster named Smoke. While trying to take care of his younger brother and sister, the network is using the banks corrupt accountants to kick him and his siblings out of their home after their mother passes.  

Damien- (age 20-45 Black African American Male) Father of Troy, Bishop, Taylor and info, Damien Daniels was one of the original freedom fighters who became the first African American to police detective for the Central Florida PD in 1980s, making a name for the Daniels family not only in law enforcement but as the infamous crime fighting vigilante gale wind. shortly after being made police commissioner Damien mysteriously disappeared.  

Raymond- (age 20-45 any race males) Raymond Johnson is the father of Alex Johnson. Raymond Johnson also referred to as the deadly assassin, is the TWFs " Ten Wealthy Families " contracted Hitman, hired to the head of security council, for the board of Networks.  

Lisa- (age 20-45 any race females) Lisa is a young African American Businesswoman, who is trying to make her mark in the corporate world, when she finds out that the rules have changed for women entrepreneurs. she later then learns that her Every idea of a business deal is shut down by the network.  

Kelly (age 20-45 any race females) - Kelly Jennings is a young Hispanic legal secretary who works for Troy Daniels and his partner Darwin at a local law firm in the city, while also struggling working a night job for a local tech company. Kelly gets caught up between her feelings for Troy in the workplace.  

Sarah (age 20-45 any race females) - Sara Blanco, Sara who is a young Hispanic real estate businessperson, who is also the Girlfriend of Bo, she later then learns that the network has been working in the shadows with the corrupt banking system to enforce local property owners to kick out all the low-income families, forcing sara to link up with her girls for a girl's night to discuss business right before they are kidnapped.  

Eric- (age 20-50 Hispanic males) Eric Benitez is the brother of Isabella Benitez, Eric who is also a part of the Benitez Family tree looks toward his sister for advice, while trying to prove to the families that he is worthy of the throne Eric is tragically killed while Damien is undercover.  

Kenny- (age 20-50 any race males) Kenny and Ricky Baker grew up together as childhood friends on the south side of the city, while trying to make a name for themselves threw out the years Kenny and Rick baker began working for a local gangster by the name of big smoke slowly becoming smokes go to guys, shortly after becoming smokes go to guy Ricky and Kenny Barnes decides to double crosses smoke for a corrupt police detective  

Ricky- (age 20-50 any race males) Kenny and Ricky Baker grew up together as childhood friends on the south side of the city, while trying to make a name for themselves threw out the years Kenny and Rick Barnes began working for a local gangster by the name of big smoke slowly becoming smokes go to guys, shortly after becoming smokes go to guy Ricky and Kenny Barnes decides to double crosses smoke for a corrupt police detective  

Lisa- (age 20-45 any race females) Lisa Campbell is a young African American Businesswoman, who is trying to make her mark in the corporate world, when she finds out that the rules have changed for women entrepreneurs. she later then learns that her Every idea of a business deal is shut down by the network.  

Dontae Barns (age 20-45 Black African American Male)- is a hardcore hands-on type of guy who works the game of the streets in favor trying to get the family business right which ends him and his brother Jay in jail while their other brother Cory and sister Mia do their own thing  

Cory Barns- (age 20-45 Black African American Male) he is a big-time gangster who always feels that he should run the family business and after their mother and father dies cory gets the change.  

Jay Barns- (age 20-45 Black African American Male) is in prison with his brother Dontae for making all the gangs and the network form.  

Mia Barns- (age 20-45 Black African American Female) is a female police officer who tries to stay out of her family business. While working on their parent's death.  

Kevin William- (age 20-50 any race males) is a dirty police officer who work with Emily know trying to take down the network.  

Robert Jones- (age 20-50 any race males) is a dirty police officer trying to take down the network with Emily Knox  

Linda west- (age 40-50 Black African American Female)is the aunt of the barns her and husband Tony west who comes and try to help cory out with running the family business. 

Tony west (age 40-50 Black African American male) 

Lady Jay (age 30-50 any race females) 

Supporting characters  

Alexa (age 20-45 any race females) 

Mark (age 20-45 any race males) 

Olivia (Baby T)  (age 20-45 Black African American female) 

Mario (age 20-45 any race males) 

Mrs. Corbett (age 30-50 any race Female) 

Anthony (age 20-45 any race males) 

Brandon Cruiz (Bo) (age 20-45 any race males) 

Captain Owen (age 20-45 any race male or females) 

Angel (age 20-45 any race males) 

Santos (age 20-45 any race males) 

Juan (age 20-45 any race male) 

Captain Wilson (age 20-45 any race male or Female) 

Yella (age 20-45 any race males) 

Kim (age 20-45 any race Female) 

Darwin (age 20-45 any race males) 

Chris (age 20-45 any race males) 

Spodee (age 20-45 Black\ African American Female)