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Project Title:
Valencia College Film-Summer Short Projects

Posted: (5/27/2022)

Production Company/School:
Valencia College

Contact Person:


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando



WHEN: JUNE 4TH, 2022 10:00AM-05:00PM

WHERE: VALENCIA COLLEGE EAST CAMPUS: School of Arts and Entertainment: Screening Theatre

Looking for actors ages 8 to 65, male and female for a variety of student short films


kindly prepare a 1 minute Dramatic or Comedic Monologue

For more information and to sign up for a scheduled audition time, please visit:


2022 Short Film Synopsis and Character Descriptions

Flammable” Synopsis

An 8 year old boy witnesses the passing of his father, he then grows up choosing the path of a criminal and finds himself in a situation mirroring the one that initially traumatized him.


JASON- 8yr old/Caucasian

THOMAS- Middle aged caucasian male

JAY- Older version of Jason/Short hair with scruffy beard

RON: Middle aged man

CRIMINALS- one middle aged man/ one in twenties (scruffy beards)

LITTLE BOY- the 8yr old boy who reminds Jay of himself

DAD- middle aged man CLERK- two middle aged men


¡Tal Como Somos!” Synopsis

A dinner party welcoming the arrival of a family member, a group of unbounded Latino friends converse as they break bread, chaos ensues. Taking place in a utopian version of 1960s America, where discrimination against one's sexual identity, ethnicity, or class has long since disappeared.


Singing Telegram Trio
(Male or female, Any age) A group that consists of a Tenor, Baritone and Bass who best resemble “Dapper Dans” comedic relief for the chaos that ensues within the group of friends. Must be able to Sing.

Leo Puerto Rican (Male, Early 20’s) Cousin to Zoe; Leo was born and raised in Puerto Rico and decided to move in with Zoe to get a taste of the American lifestyle. He is suave, compassionate, and open minded. He is ready to socialize as he acclimates into this new diverse environment. Spanish Speaking

Alex Colombian (Non-Binary, Early 20’s) A Youthful and Sensual young adult who is upfront about their thoughts. They embrace new experiences and bring life into any conversation they are a part of. Spanish Speaking


Unplanned Parenthood” Synopsis

The story of Adam and James, two junkies who head out on a cross-country road trip but are immediately joined by an unexpected guest. A dead baby.


Adam: Lead, Male, 18-40 a grungy, often disheveled guy in his late 20s, thinly built and with the kind of haircut that could be stylish if he got it done professionally but rather looks like he did it at home himself and has grown out a little too much. He typically dresses in blandish black or earth-tone attire. He doesn’t really care about anything but himself and partying and feels that things like friendship and family ties are not worth his time.

James: Lead, Male, 18-30, a very loyal friend to Adam despite often feeling like Adam could take or leave him. In contrast to Adam, James can make the best out of almost any situation. He’s able to find joy or humor no matter what’s thrown at him. James’ appearance is a lot more eccentric than Adam’s, often in bright patterned clothes with neat but weird hair/facial hair choices.

Police Officer: Day Player, 18+ to play for a kidnap scene.


5-8 Females ages 18-65. Street clothes look consisting of T-shirts, shorts or jeans, and sneakers.

5-8 Males ages 18 to 65. Street clothes look consisting of T-shirts, shorts or jeans, and sneakers.


Time Bomb” Synopsis:

A young man with a promising future must come to terms with a life-threatening brain disorder as well as the mental and physical struggles that come along with it.


Adam Miller: Lead, Male, 20-28, a built college hockey player with a promising future receives a diagnosis that not only threatens his career but also his life. Must be okay with partial nudity.

Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter

Requires Nudity: Yes

Doctor: Supporting, Male, 30-40, a doctor who delivers Adam’s diagnosis.

Viridian IX” Synopsis:

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Sydney Cooper in 2018 have resurfaced again, involving various new missing cases. Two detectives named Blake Morgan & Dani Knight gather their facts on similar incidents. Finally, they must work together to uncover a more unbearable discovery on the origin of the green light phenomena.

Blake Morgan: LEAD, Male, 25 - 35,  An uptight, strict, and severe crime detective investigating cold cases related to gang violence, narcotics, and identity theft. A vigilante you would see out of a comic book, but deep under his heavy trench coat, he has a heart for helping people, solving unexplained cases, and finding justice! Unfortunately, he thinks critically before speaking, so he gravitates toward being silent, making his presence very unnoticed. Ethnicity: Black and/or Mixed.

Diane Knight: LEAD, Female, 25 - 35, Blake's associate. A curious, resilient, and a blithe private's detective that investigates cold cases related to homicides and fraud and studies forensics, and is a linguist. She would always light a cigarette whenever she concentrated on finding all the little breadcrumbs around any clues. But, she tends to be a loudmouth and would most times speak whatever's on her mind at any given moment. Ethnicity: Any.

Sydney: SUPPORTING, Male, 18 - 25, a confused and disheveled young man wakes up after being abducted by aliens for being a chosen star child. Ethnicity: Any.

Nine: SUPPORTING, Female, 18 25, an extraterrestrial being whose true intentions are to eliminate the star children. Ethnicity: Any.

Note: Latex will be used during this production, please be cautious of any latex allergies prior to applying.

She Could Be the One” Synopsis:

A serial killer with newfound technology finds a way to satisfy his murderous urges through a video game system he created that is far too advanced for the 1970s. This system lets him mess with his victim's minds with a game of cat and mouse which progressively deteriorates their mental and physical state.

Myers (Male, Caucasian, mid-20s) Medium length hair - A serial killer whose emotions never really show unless he forces them out. He gets himself ready for the day by playing music to help him feel more like an average human.

Cecelia (Female, African American, Early 20's) - Best friend of Olivia; A tenacious young girl who is calm and collected in stressful situations. No matter the situation Cecelia remains a fighter.

Olivia (Female, Early 20's) - Best friend of Cecelia; A timid young girl who tends to be frantic at times when things don't make sense to her.

Bartender (Male, Late 20's) - Side-Character Bartender