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Project Title:
"Street Rats of Aramoor", promo/teaser

Posted: (5/6/2022)

Production Company/School:
MGI Productions

Contact Person: Max


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: see details

Location: Central Florida/Orlando

I have been given special permission from the author of the book series, Street Rats of Aramoor, a Medieval themed series(look up the series online for more details). The promo would be around 30 seconds, it involves some simple 1-3 step stunt fighting with practice swords and daggers, theatrical blood and dirt and the wearing of white contact lenses,. Im looking for the main Character Ayrion, according to the book Ayrion is a13 yo male, Assasin/Warrior, their culture lives mostly undergorund so skin color is light.
Looking to cast:
12-15 yo boy caucasian, darker long-ish hair, 5'6' or shorter, no fighting or experience required, no dialogue involved. Slim to average build,
NO PAY, NO TRAVELpay, NO LODGING provided, will recieve copy for reel/portfolio.
No location or set date yet, it will be in the Orlando area late June to early July, 2-3 hrs shoot tops outdoors early in the morning, wardobe provided. Vaccinated/Mask optional.
Please send photo(phone selfie is good) height, weight, waist size and shoe size, Interest in Medieval themes encouraged but not required.