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Project Title:
Bailar Conmigo

Posted: (3/6/2022)

Production Company/School:
Deep Blue Pictures

Contact Person: Tristan Anthony Ortiz


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: no

Location: Orlando - Lakeland

Logline: In the midst of attempting to connect with his estranged family, a young latino stumbles upon a hard truth about his mother that will forever change his life.

DANIEL ROSA - Lead (18-25) MALE

  • 18 years old 

  • Puerto Rican-American 

  • Shy, reserved, no too confident

  • Hasn’t tried to actively be involved in the family

  • Feels isolated in a crowded room

EVIE ROSA - Supporting (35-45) FEMALE

  • Daniel’s mother, Puerto Rican-American

  • Mid 30s, had Daniel when she was a teen

  • Protective and Graceful, dignified and stylish

  • Has a youthfulness and energy to her, she’s the cool mom but becomes the disciplinarian when she needs to be

ANNALISSE - Supporting (18-25) FEMALE

  • 19 years old, Puerto Rican-American

  • Daniel’s childhood friend

  • Did not have the best home life growing up, living on her own working odd jobs

  • Had a brother/sister bond with Daniel as kids

  • Confident where Daniel is not

  • Has a certain relationship with Evie that Daniel hasn’t experienced

Note availability mid-late May 2022 and if you're bilingual (Spanish specifically). It isn't necessary but a plus!

Roles do not have to be filled in by Puerto Rican talent specifically, just general Latinx actors.

Please send headshots/resumes, reels (if available) to this email:

Please mention in SUBJECT LINE which character you're interested in auditioning for.

Within a day or two you will be provided with details and character sides for a SELF TAPE AUDITION.

Meals will be provided along with gas covered. IMDb credit and copy of film.

This project will be filmed in the Central Florida area specifically Orlando and/or Lakeland in mid-late May 2022.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out via email!