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Project Title:
My Secret

Posted: (1/6/2022)

Production Company/School:
Talent Media

Contact Person: Leyna


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Orlando

Accepting: Participants for our new Reality Show Do you have a secret that no one knows?

Are you FINALLY ready to tell the world? Maybe you're not ready to show your face but you're ready to say it out loud? The option is yours, you may show your face or cover it but we must be able to see your body and/or silhouette. Sometimes getting your feelings/secrets out in a major way is far more freeing than revealing it to just one or two people. There's no jitters or scary nerves. Just confess it and be done with it. Completely freeing.

During this period, like most media productions, we are asking all participants to self record. You can confess anything. Just be truthful. Doesn't have to be long, just real and freeing.

*Not a believer in your faith anymore?
*Secret religion *Did you change political parties and don't want your family to know? (Do not mention political candidates)
*Hate your boss?
*Dislike your co-worker?
*Dislike a family member?
*Have an addiction?
*Secret Crush?
*Hiding your sexual orientation?
*Been unfaithful?
*Stole something?
*Secret lifestyle? (Goth, Nude Living, Hippies, Vampire obsession, Doll obsession, etc.) *Pretending to be someone you're not?

18 and older, any gender Send us your story or simply go ahead and record your secret and send it to us. Make sure you speak clearly. Video: Any length. Speak as much as you'd like.

Note: This is an long- term, ongoing project and may go viral so be sure you want to participate fully. Your honesty will be applauded. People admire and respect openness. Send us your secrets and we'll do the rest. Low payment/compensation. No experience or auditions necessary. Hope to hear from you soon.