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Project Title:
The Man Across the Street

Posted: (1/3/2018)

Production Company/School:
Tall Order Films

Contact Person: Robin Braswell


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Melbourne/Palm Bay/surrounding areas

The Man Across the Street is a short thriller/horror to be shot in April of 2018. Non-SAG. Pay for principal cast contingent upon funding (GoFundMe currently active). Extras positions are unpaid, however both paid and unpaid positions will be fed and receive IMDb credit. Please submit any headshots, reels and bio to producer Robin Braswell (email provided on this page). If interested we will contact. 

TONY: Late 30s to early 40s., Caucasian, rugged, single dad. Pleasant. Liked and respected in his community. Knows how to drive a riding mower. Has teen daughter. 

HELEN: Any ethnicity. Tony's neighbor and friend. Grey hair, classy lady. Senior Citizen or close to it. 

ETHAN: Caucasian. Age 7-9. Some lines, seen playing with toys in an office play area.

FRED HUME: Any ethnicity. Middle age psychiatrist. Arrogant, angry at recent divorce. Can switch to professional and pleasant as needed.

SUSAN: Caucasian. Mid-30s. Patient of Doctor Hume, Ethan's mother. 

LINETTE: African American. Dr. Hume's receptionist. Mid 20s to mid 30s. Nice girl, not a big fan of her boss. 

WILLIAM: 40s to 50s. Any ethnicity. Big man, imposing. Intelligent but tortured by terrifying visions. 

ANGRY WOMAN: Any ethnicity. Homeowner. Gets mad and screams at clumsy furniture movers. Smoker

BILL: Any Ethnicity. No lines, waves from his car as he passes. 

EXTRAS for busy neighborhood scene:
  1. Young mother with small child and bike with training wheels or tricycle
  2. Person with good-natured dog on leash
  3. Variety of kids with frisbees, playing catch or playing in sprinklers. 
  4. Handful of pedestrians any age. 



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