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Project Title:
Ask God

Posted: (9/5/2017)

Production Company/School:
Satori Productions

Contact Person: S. Dontell


Other Contact Info:


Pay Info: low

Location: Cocoa


We are re-posting this call for submissions extending the age of the character to 35 or someone a year or two older who looks young.

This is a faith-based film about a young boy who loses his faith when his dad dies.  He turns to drugs as a teen to mask the pain. He eventually almost dies from an over dose and goes to rehab when he gets a message from God that turns his life around and he comes full circle to believe again.

Joshua – a Caucasian male at least 18 years old who looks to be 25-35 with long stringy hair and a scraggly beard who is willing to shave the beard and cut the hair short for the final scenes.  This is the lead character so must be a very seasoned actor.  I am auditioning ahead of time to give people time to grow out a beard and hair; you don’t have to have it for the audition.  Just need to be able to grow it for the film and be willing to shave totally clean and very short hair for the final scenes.

We will be holding auditions Sat. Sept. 30th and filming two weekends probably in January.  Details as locations lock down.  We will also be accepting auditions for other roles at a later date.  Just trying to get this one character locked down ahead of time for them to grow beard and hair for character.



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